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Urban Lighting Management

Urban Lighting ManagementGlobal Esco Smart City Urban Lighting Manager is the provider of an “open and multi-supplier” Streetlight Monitoring Solution.

With our Smart City Urban Lighting Manager solution, cities and Streetlight Maintenance companies benefit from:

  •  Up to 50% energy savings

  • Reduced maintenance efforts, enhanced efficiency: lamp failures (as well as other failures) are automatically identified to act and replace them faster. The system also tracks lamp’s lifetime, to anticipate lamp change before they actually fail and to group such operations with failed lamp replacements. No need for night patrol any more: lamp failures are identified automatically rather than visually.

  • Increased control and visibility: with the Global Esco Smart City Urban Lighting Manager System, authorized persons can check anything from anywhere at any time. The real time map-based interface enables them to act remotely on any single or group of streetlights, to drastically reduce the number of onsite trips.

  •  An intelligent energy and communication network in all streets of your city: your streetlight network can now be used to power-up camera and GSM or WiFi connection points as well as to transport information from sensors and controllers for pollution detection, parking place availability, advertising panels or electrical car charging stations.

  • Major cities have selected our solution and only deploy ballasts and light point controllers that are compatible with the powerline and radio-frequency protocols that are supported by the Global Esco Smart City Urban Lighting Manager Segment Controller and Software: OSLO, DONGGUAN (China), LYON, PARIS, LINARES, DUBLIN, SENART, MOISSY, PORTUGUESE HIGHWAYS and about 500 other cities in 15 countries.

    Besides the financial benefits of the solution, these customers selected our solution as opposed to any “proprietary” solution for the following reasons:

  •  The Global Esco Smart City Urban Lighting Manager solution is the most industrial, robust and reliable solution: the solution has been installed by 50 Certified Resellers/Installers in more than 500 cities.

  • Our Streetlight Monitoring Solution is an open solution: it controls light controllers from various manufacturers. Lifetime of luminaires is more than 25 years. A future-proof streetlight monitoring system must be able to control any compatible lamp and light controller available on the market to give you the freedom to choose depending on price and features.

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