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The ESCO Model

As an ESCO, our business is to develop, install, and arrange financing for projects designed to improve the energy efficiency and maintenance costs for facilities over a two to twenty year time period. We leverage new “green” technologies in order to offer a range of scalable, cost-effective, and easy to deploy integrated solutions to increase energy efficiency, make power systems safe and reliable, develop automation, cut emissions, improve energy efficiency and harness renewable power.
ESCOs generally act as project developers for a wide range of tasks and assume the technical and performance risk associated with the project. 

 The ESCO Model

Stage 1: Pre-Audit, Modeling
A detailed examination of the way a premises currently functions and its energy usage, including gas, electric, insulation, windows, brickwork and lighting
Stage 2: Audit & Feasibility study
Calculations are then made to assess the feasibility of the project, including costs, savings and supply chain. Potential payback periods are also established
Stage 3: Finance package
A finance package is then put together and agreed including a thorough risk assessment
Stage 4: Installation
The operations team co-ordinate the installation of the agreed energy efficiency measures
Stage 5: On-going monitoring
An ongoing monitoring and reporting package is provided for the entire duration of the contract.
These services are bundled according to the specific customer needs, i.e. industries’ and factories’ energy saving needs, integrated into the project's cost and are repaid through the euro savings generated. ESCO projects are comprehensive, which means that we employ a wide array of cost-effective measures to achieve energy savings. 

The Keys to ESCO Model

  • Audit
    Structured and well documented Audits & Feasibility studies is the basis for a successful Energy Performance Contract [EPC]
  • Technologies Implemented
    It is a major competitive advantage of an ESCO to provide more than one technologies under an EPC. Technologies chosen should be commercial i.e. not in a R&D phase.
  • Finance package
    A finance package that support the Energy Performance Contract must be well structured an balance priced

The duration of the EPC should be a little more than the payback years, so that the annual absolute value to be lower than the savings achieved is then put together and agreed including a thorough risk assessment

  • On-going monitoring
    An ongoing monitoring and reporting package should always be provided [long term relationship with the customer, no grey zones, immediate ability to react on inefficiencies, ability to expand the business and cross sell, etc.]

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